From Fuchsia cutting to flowering plant

How do plant growers produce Bella Fuchsias? Follow the fuchsia plant’s journey from tip cutting to flowering plant! 

Mother plants in Africa

The fuchsia plant is originally from South America and grows best in mild to warm climates. We need to be careful though, because fuchsia plants do not cope too well with very high temperatures. That’s why our mother plants live a happy life in a plant nursery in Nairobi, Kenya. The climate at high altitudes is mild enough for our fuchsia plants to grow. Our mother plants in Africa grow ‘small offsprings’, also known as vegetative tip cuttings. We take these plant cuttings, wrap them up in cooled boxes and fly them over to the Netherlands.  

Young plants grower

From Amsterdam airport, the plant cuttings travel to the Dutch region of Westland, the home of Hendriks Young Plants. Since three generations, the family-owned business has become specialized in growing fuchsias and regal pelargoniums.

They know everything about the right fertilizers, the perfect lighting and the right temperature for growing fuchsia plants. When leaving Hendriks Young Plants, the fuchsias, now young plants, are strong enough to embark on their journey to cultivators all over the world.  


Fully grown Bella Fuchsias

Once the fuchsia plants arrive at the cultivator, the young fuchsia plants are put into bigger pots. Fuchsias are cultivated to grow in different variants: in small pots, hanging baskets, as bushes and on a stem. Depending on the fuchsia variant, it will now take 2 to 4 months until the young plants become fully-grown Bella Fuchsias with beautiful blossoms. Fuchsia plants are easy to take care of and their flowers are known for growing in abundance all summer long. With the right care, fuchsia plants can bloom until late in autumn. They are just perfect for bringing some colour into your garden, on your terrace or balcony.