Fuchsia plant care

The fuchsia is a classic garden plant that has been popular amongst gardeners since the plant was first introduced in Europe. Fuchsia plants are very easy to take care of but knowing some tips and tricks can never hurt.

How to Care for your Fuchsia Plant?

  • Bella Fuchsia ® is a garden plant. With the right care, fuchsias feel at home in flower pots, plant containers and flower beds. 
  • Bella Fuchsia is a shade-loving plant. A little bit of light doesn’t hurt but avoid spots where the fuchsia would be exposed to the sun all day.
  • Fuchsia plants love water. Don’t forget to water your fuchsia plant regularly, preferably in the early morning or late evening. Pour the water directly into the pot. For abundant flowers, we advise to add NPK fertilizer once every two weeks.
  • To encourage the growth of new flowers, we recommend removing all faded flowers including the green seed pot.
  • Bella Fuchsia is an annual plant, but overwintering is possible. You can cut back the plant at the end of November and put it in a cool, frost-free and dark room.