Please have a look at our instructions for transport and care at the selling point.

Instructions for transport and the shop floor

  • Never store or transport the plants next to wet products.
    High humidity can cause stains on the plants.
  • Never keep or transport the plants together with vegetable or fruit.
    This is necessary to prevent Ethylene. The gas Ethylene causes flower shedding. Keep the plant away from exhaust fumes and especially from rotting plants.
  • Store and transport the plants between 10°C – 14 °C.
    A temperature lower than 10°C can cause cold damage. A temperature higher than 14°C combined with little light shortens the shelf life of the plant. Don’t keep the plant in the dark for longer than absolutely necessary and make sure there is good air ventilation.
  • Remove the plastic foil right after transport.
  • Take the plants out of the tray and place them separately on the shop-shelves.


Fuchsia Plant Care

  • Bella Fuchsia ® is a garden plant. With the right care, fuchsias feel at home in flower pots, plant containers and flower beds. 
  • Bella Fuchsia is a shade-loving plant. A little bit of light doesn’t hurt but avoid spots where the fuchsia would be exposed to the sun all day.
  • Fuchsia plants love water. Don’t forget to water your fuchsia plant regularly, preferably in the early morning or late evening. Pour the water directly into the pot. For abundant flowers, we advise to add NPK fertilizer once every two weeks.
  • Deadheading fuchsia plants: To encourage the growth of new flowers, we recommend removing all spent blooms including the green seed pot.
  • Bella Fuchsia is an annual plant, but overwintering is possible. You can cut back the plant at the end of November and put it in a cool, frost-free and dark room.